Pornography Addiction Resources For Women

There are pornography addiction resources for women to get help, but always remember that the most important part is to have the empowerment of the Holy Spirit.


Books on Pornography


Other Pornography Resources

  • Pornography Addiction Calendar (PDF) – This calendar helped me to identify some of the core triggers when I gave in to pornography.    It also gave me reinforcement during my days of victory.   You can apply this to your own recovery as well.
  • Women struggle with porn too – resources from Covenant Eyes specifically for women.


Books on Sexual Addiction, Lust or Recovery


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Documentaries about Pornography

  • Shamed – This documentary will address the debilitating effects of shame surrounding pornography and even healthy sexuality in conservative Christian communities. Through the voices of many experts, religious leaders of several Christian denominations, recovering addicts and their loved ones, we will begin to dismantle the fear and misconceptions that keep shame alive.
  • Scratching the Surface – Scratching the Surface is an independent film initiative aimed at connecting people with key champions from the battlefront against pornography. Director Francois Driessen and his team engages important topics that arises from the saturation of pornography within our culture and the church, and allows the audience to actively participate in the the filmmaking process via social media.
  • Somebody’s Daughter – Three men and a husband and wife share their personal struggle with pornography  confronting the lies and darkness of this addictive force with compelling honesty and hope. The DVD also contains four music videos and eight vignettes. The 55 minute bonus CD contains 9 original songs, stories, poetry, and scripture readings.


Other Websites:

  • Beggar’s Daughter – Jessica Harris shares her own struggle with pornography and communicates grace to a generation of women trapped in sexual sin.
  • Walking in Freedom – Amy Riordan shares her own story of finding freedom from a pornography addiction as well as resources to help you.
  • Porn to Purity – Jeff and Marsha Fisher offer their own story and many resources to those struggling with pornography addiction.
  • Porn Harms – the leading national organization opposing obscenity and indecency through public education and the application of the law.
  • Porn Harms Research – recent research on the effects of pornography.
  • Christians in Recovery – a non-profit ministry offering resources to Christians in recovery.
  • Reaching Hurting Women – Tamara Mapp is a recovering sex addict, sober seven years. As an ordained minister, she chronicles her recovery journey with messages of hope in this weekly blog.


Online Articles:

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